Rebecca and micha

On the 23rd October 2022, corresponding with the 28th of Tishrei 5783, you are invited to join us and our families for an intimate wedding in the wilds of Scotland. 

From 13:30-23:59 BST


COME find us

The celebrations will take place at Monachyle Mhor Hotel, a boutique lochside hotel at the foot of stunning Scottish mountains.



There are a number of gorgeous accommodation options from the truly spectacular Monachyle Mhor Hotel itself, where the wedding is taking place, to lovely local hotels.


Monachyle Mhor is the venue of the wedding and has a small number of rooms. All these rooms are now occupied on the night of the 23rd. If you would like to stay on any other night, please contact them directly. 

MHOR 84 Motel 

Mhor's chic Motel, all part of the Mhor family, is a 15 min drive down the road. Rooms start at £120 but are now fully booked. Please keep checking for any cancellations. 


Callander is the nearest town and has a number of options at different prices. These include the Callander Hostel (approx £65 a night) and a number of Airbnb options. Please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The minibus will be going on from Mhor84 to The White Stag Inn and onto Callander. 

Other options

Marginally closer than Callander are a number of options including: 

There is also AirBnb accommodation available in Strathyre.

All these are approximately 20 minutes away and the minibus to Callander will stop at The White Stag Inn and Strathyre en route.


We are so excited to celebrate with you. In case you've never been to a Jewish wedding before, feel free to read more.

Your presence is
the best gift 

We know it is a HUGE ask for you to schlepp all the way to Scotland. Your beautiful presence is truly enough.

If you would like to make a donation to a charity in our name, we'll be offering suggestions of causes and charities that are close to our hearts in the near future. ​